Day 6: Rice-A-Roni Failure

Day 6: Rice-A-Roni Failure


This was our dinner tonight.  I’m glad we have friends who are more creative cooks than I am taking this challenge.  The idea for this meal came from our friend Heather. See those patties?  They’re fish cakes made from our can of salmon, crushed up soda crackers and one of our two remaining eggs.  I also used the last of the pepper Jasonswiped borrowed from a local chain restaurant.  It actually felt like I was makingsomething!  The rice in the photo is really Rice-A-Roni.  I know, I know…It doesn’t really look like Rice-A-Roni at all.  That’s because I’m the only person I know who has managed to completely screw up cooking Rice-A-Roni.

While speaking with my cousin tonight, we were trying to figure out exactly when the last time was that we ate Rice-A-Roni.  Neither of us could remember.  For me, I suspect it was at least 10 years ago.  I know I’ve made it before.  But stuck within the brain fog that’s been consuming me for days, I just glanced at the back of the box and managed to misread the instructions.  Actually, the instructions had pictures, kind of like IKEA furniture.  They should have been impossible to misinterpret.  Jason and I have assembled a lot of IKEA furniture over the past couple years. I’m always telling him to look at the instructions  “C’mon.  How hard can it be?” he says.  He does always manage to get the furniture put together, but keeps insisting IKEA sends “extra” screws “just in case”.

You know what wasn’t in the instructions on the Rice-A-Roni package? Boiling the rice and vermicelli directly from the package.  I was supposed to fry them up with butter first.  Oops.  I couldn’t throw it out, so were were going to have to eat boiled Rice-A-Roni.  Then I looked for the seasoning packet and couldn’t find it.  I looked everywhere but I couldn’t see it – until I looked in the garbage.  No idea why I thought to throw it out before actually emptying it.  Brain Fog. I retrieved it.  It wasn’t too soiled and at no point did it share the garbage can with a poopy diaper.

Just so everybody knows I’m not a completely incompetent cook, take a look at this shepherd’s pie I made for the Grey Cup a few years ago.  It was when Saskatchewan lost to Montreal (the second time).


I’ll just say it one more time: I messed up Rice-A-Roni.

Jason and I have both been in some physical pain that has only increased over the last two days.  Jason has problems with his ankle; likely repetitive strain since he literally walks for 900km at a time.  I have problems sometimes with my lower back and the small joints in my hands and wrists have caused me minor suffering since giving birth.  In November, Jason and I went on an eight week “anti-inflammation cleanse”.  We lasted six weeks.  It wasn’t a miraculous improvement, but my hands did feel better towards the end.  My back has been relatively okay for a while.  But today I could feel the tell tale signs that it was close to spasming. My hands have been so sore it’s been difficult to hold Isaiah.  Jason’s ankle has been giving him problems for days.  Is it nutrition related, or merely coincidental?  I have no idea.  Am I just being  a drama llama in thinking that this week has hurt our bodies so much? I hope so.  I just can’t believe it’s possible for this all to happen so quickly.  The compassion I feel for those who do this week in and week out without end is overwhelming.

Here is what I ate today:


1 packet of instant oatmeal




Water with a slice of lime


½ fish cake
¾ cup of poorly made Rice-A-Roni


Coffee Crisp chocolate bar


I woke up with legs cramps last night for the first time in ages.  This is likely from a lack of magnesium.  Or I might just be acting like a drama llama again.

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