The Canadian Superhero makes it to Parliament Hill

The Canadian Superhero makes it to Parliament Hill

Last week, the Conservative government added a disturbing measure to an omnibus bill that would give them control over the salaries and working conditions of employees within the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  What’s the concern?  According to Friends of Canadian Broadcasting:

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that an editorial decision to go easy on the government could be made in the heat of a contract negotiation, if the prime minister is, in effect, seated on the other side of the bargaining table

Even subtle influences on story line-ups affect the quality of news decision-making. Without a strict, arm’s-length relationship and independence from government, the CBC will lose its credibility.
– Ian Morrison, Spokesperson for Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Today, FRIENDS was on Parliament Hill to present a copy of the FREE CBC petition signatures (collected by FRIENDS, Leadnowand SumOfUs) to members of the government and opposition parties and to hold a press conference.

And what’s that you hear in the background?  Our favourite retiree’s song, Ballad of a Canadian Superhero!

You can sign the petition here. If you’d like a FREE DOWNLOAD of Ballad of a Canadian Superhero, you can get it by signing up for the mailing list!

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