Beautiful Music

Beautiful Music

Last night I had the pleasure of playing at Trinity United Church in Elmira. I was joined by Aleksandar Gajić on violin. It was a fun show and I was honoured to be among such wonderful people sharing their Friday evening with me.

Just moments before we were about to go on stage, Aleksandar looked at his phone and read aloud the reports we was hearing about the terrorist attacks in Paris. At that time 100 people were confirmed dead. Multiple locations around the city. The full scope of the attacks was still unclear.

After he stopped relaying the reports, and as we were being introduced, Alek picked up his violin and said “This is terrible. Now let’s go make some beautiful music.”

Because what else is there to do? Terrible things happen. And sometimes the only way to respond is by trying to put more beauty into the world. Perhaps the more beauty and love there is in the world, the more hate can be pushed out.

My heart is heavy this morning while learning the full extent of the attacks in Paris. I only hope the world will respond with love for all the people who are experiencing pain, and not hatred for a small few taken out on millions of the most vulnerable.


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