Rolando Ruiz is set to be executed by the State of Texas this Tuesday, March 7th, at 6pm Central Time.

I write to Rolando and was able to meet him while visiting Ramiro in Texas last August. He’s been in prison since 1992. He is 44 years old and has been on death row for 22 years.

Rolando was hired to kill Theresa Rodriguez by her husband, Michael. Michael Rodriguez was executed in 2008 – not for Theresa’s murder, but for the death of Officer Aubrey Hawkins after he and six other inmates escaped incarceration in 2001.

Rolando, Ramiro and I started a little prayer group that has extended around the world. Over 24 years in prison, and three execution dates, Rolando has become an extremely spiritual person. More importantly, he is a very kind and gentle person and goes out of his way to support other Death Row inmates in the limited ways he can. He is lightyears away from the desperate, drug addicted young man who perpetrated such an inexcusable and evil act.

He is also one of the few people who has actually made the trip to the holding cell in Huntsville (steps away from the death chamber) and then returned to Polunsky. He’s been through this “last days” ritual before in 2007 – sitting in the cell, wondering why nobody was coming to strap him to the gurney…

If you can, please keep Rolando, his mother, his sister, his lawyers and the family of Theresa Rodriguez in your prayers or thoughts over the next couple of days. Texas is deluded if they think killing Rolando is going to make room for any kind of good in the world.

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