“Letters Home” Album Release Concert


A year and a baby later, “Letters Home” is ready to be released!
Also featuring Melanie Peterson and Meghan Morrison

And members of the band…

Adrian Gross
Charles James
Ryan Granville-Ryan
Aleksandar Gajic
Christine Hanson

$10 in advance, $12 at the door.

CDs will be available for purchase for a special one night only price of $10.

Come hang out and help us celebrate!


“Letters Home” is already available online on iTunes, Bandcamp, eMusic, etc.

LISTEN: Bri-anne Swan ‘Have You Seen My Ghost?’ by Vickye

For the Country Record just released a nice write up re: my single “Have You Seen My Ghost?” from Letters Home.

The track is steeped in steady guitar work, shimmering organ and driving percussion, providing a reliable support for Bri-anne’s slightly ethereal but melancholic, emotive delivery.

You can read the full write up here.  Also, check out some of their other articles.  They’ve got a lot of fun stuff about a lot of fabulous but relatively unknown artists.


Review – Bri-anne Swan “Letters Home”

by Muzoic

(Originally published in Russian)

If you’re looking for pleasant acoustic music with sensual female vocals …

The second LP by performer Bri-anne Swan is called Letters Home. The album consists of 11 tracks, independently released. Letters Home is the second long play by the Canadian singer, who hails from a small town in Ontario. The singer herself and her new LP is a merger of indie , acoustic and world / folk music. The singer’s earlier work, including the debut EP, was very popular in her homeland and Bri-anne’s career has grown, giving a number of concerts over the years.  

Letters Home is a very personal work, evidenced by the lyrics of songs. The 11 compositions are performed with soul and a meticulous approach. Almost all the songs are filled with only acoustic guitars, but in spite of the initial simplicity of the depth and fullness of sound, Bri-anne’s voice compensates fully. It should be noted that the sole author of all the songs is just Bri-anne Swan, and Letters Homebenefits from the extremely competent arrangements.

If you’re looking for pleasant acoustic music with sensual female vocals, Bri-anne Swan with her work Letters Home could satisfy this need. Every detail is stunning, from the notes of the acoustic guitars to the arrangement. Speaking of her, the author herself has decided to use her own photo as the cover of the album. I want to say that this is better, as it was difficult to think of something else to replace it. Bri-anne Swan –Letters Home is already available, so all there is to say is to wish you happy listening.

(Bri-anne’s note:  1.  I am not the sole composer on Letters Home.  Three of the tracks were co-written with Bret Higgins and “Now & Then” was originally written and performed by Gordon Lightfoot.  2.  I do not speak or read Russian, and I used Google Translate and then attempted to massaged the text to something less clunky.  I did my best to get across what I felt the author was trying to say, but if anybody who reads Russian finds a significant mistake, please let me know and I will make the change.)

“Letters Home” available digitally June 29!

STEPTWOAlmost a year after we began our recording journey at Slaughterhouse 754, I’m am excited to let you know that “Letters Home” will be available digitally worldwide on June 25th, 2015!  You’ll be able to find it on iTunes, Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify, and every other digital music provider you can think of.

Physical copies (and the full release of the record) will be available in September 2015.

Watch for new shows coming up soon in the next few weeks!

#GC42 and Newfoundland in August

logoI’ll be traveling to Newfoundland in August to participate in the music presented at the United Church of Canada’s 42nd General Council being held at Memorial University in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

You’ll find me singing with the band mornings from August 10-14.  I’ll also be performing a solo set as part of a special arts presentation on the evening on Tuesday, August 10th.  More details re: time and location of the concert hall to come soon.

So, if you’re a commissioner or an observer at GC42, come and find me!  There will be a lot of interesting work happening during Council, and I’m looking forward to being present to witness some of the changes coming.

“Letters Home” Album Update

IMG_1909Last week, we completed the final session of tracking for “Letters Home” with an evening listening to the lovely Kirsten Jones laying down some backing vocals.

I’m so very grateful to everybody who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign this spring.  Your support has meant we’ve been able to bring in some really stellar players including:

Bret Higgins (Great Lake Swimmers)
Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers, Amelia Curran)
Robbie Grunwald (Jill Barber)
Dean Drouillard (Sarah Harmer, Amelia Curran)
Adrian Gross (Slocan Ramblers)

and…a full string quartet!

Although we are slightly behind schedule, the album will be mastered early in the New Year in time for a release in June 2015.


Bri-anne Swan: ‘Ballad of a Canadian Superhero’ (2012) by Michael Rickert


The title track of the album is a good representation of what Swan is all about. This is a rather upbeat track (while some tracks on the EP do slow things down abit), and sounds a bit tongue in cheek. The instrumentals are full, and the production is high. The humor and light-heartedness come into play with the lyrics of the song…

You can read the full article here.