Ramiro Gonzales is not the only person who failed Bridget Townsend on January 15, 2001.

My inbox has been busy.  I’ve been receiving a lot of email related to this blog post about my correspondence and friendship with Ramiro Gonzales, an inmate currently on Death Watch in Texas.

Many of the emails and comments have been very kind, and if you are somebody who sent such an email—thank you. I’ve been very touched by the support offered by my friends, acquaintances and strangers.

I’ve also received many angry emails and negative comments.  I’ve had people write to me and say they’ve been listening to my music for years but now will never listen to my albums ever again. “What about the victims?” has been a common theme.  “Please stop this garbage from filling up my newsfeed” is another.  I’ve also received a few messages telling me what Ramiro did that led to his conviction and death sentence, as if maybe I didn’t already know.  Perhaps he never told me?  Maybe I don’t know how to use Google?  It’s puzzling. Continue reading “THERE IS PLENTY OF BLAME TO GO AROUND”